3 Things You Should Know About The Doc Holliday Hat

If you are a hat lover like us, then you're also probably on the lookout for hats in movies too. Films are among the best avenues where you can get hat style inspiration. From the coolest snapbacks to iconic cowboy hats, you are sure to spot one or two pieces that you would love.

One of the movie props that has become part of the culture is Val Kilmer's cowboy hat in 'Tombstone'. If you are familiar with this film, then you've probably noticed this iconic accessory.

We've gathered some interesting facts that every hat fan (or Val Kilmer) fan should know:

1. Tombstone is one of the best Western movies.

val kilmer tombstone movie

Released in 1993 starring Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton and Val Kilmer, Tombstone is considered to be one of the most popular Western movies of all time. Aside from its great plot, people also love it for its fashion. The movie accurately depicts the life and culture of the 1880s, down to the smallest accessories.

2. Val Kilmer played Doc Holliday.

doc holliday

Doc Holliday is a historical figure, which Val Kilmer played in the movie Tombstone. Best known for his gun-shooting skills and extraordinary life, Doc's legendary battle at the O.K. Corral was featured in the film. The 30-second battle is known to be the most legendary gunfight that happened in the history of American West. 

3. You can buy a Val Kilmer Doc Holliday hat.

val kilmer doc holliday hat

val kilmer doc holliday hat

There is actually a Doc Holliday hat that you can buy for yourself. Val Kilmer landed a creative collaboration with Tom Hirt - the hat maker of Tombstone and they created an exclusive design that's decorated with Doc Holliday's image and Val Kilmer's signature. The hat is made from superior quality beaver felt and showcases first class craftsmanship, making it a great addition to a hat collection.