What Kind of a Hat Would You Like to Wear This Summer?

Summer hats in different styles

Summer has arrived and all the layers of chunky sweaters and thick coats have been shed. This is the time of the year when you can experiment with different types of accessories to highlight your dresses or outfits. A hat is a great choice to accessorize yourself because it serves two functions. Firstly, it  introduces style to your look and secondly, it protects your head and eyes from direct sunlight.  So, we thought of bringing you hat suggestions that you can wear during summer season:

1. A Sassy Straw Hat

A straw hat design with embroidered flowers

sources: amazon , funfashion

No matter what kind of outfit assemble you wear a straw hat is a winner. It goes perfect with dresses, maxi skirts, t-shirts and jeans. Moreover they are not limited to be worn at just one place. From farmer’s market to the beach and every place in between, wearing a straw hat can never go wrong. 

2. A Cute Crochet Hat

crochet caps in red and beige color

source: etsy

A crochet hat like this can doll you up and make you stylish and cute at the same time. A plus point of such a hat is that you will save time for hair styling. Just run a brush or a straightening iron through your hair and top off with a crochet cap. You can make crochet hats in different colors and mix and match them with your outfits.

3. A Casual Chic Bucket Hat

reversible bucket hats

sources: sunprecautions , lookbook

For giving yourself a relaxed, casual and effortless style you can wear a bucket hat. Bucket hats usually come in reversible designs. So, you can have one hat with two styles.

4. A Flowy Floppy Hat

crochet and straw floppy hats

sources: vogue , ebay

Floppy hats are great to give a relaxed softness to your outfits. And there are loads of floppy hat kinds. We chose to feature two kinds. The first one is created with crochet. The second one is a mixture of straw and printed fabrics.

5. Timeless Striped Hats

colorful striped hats

sources: pinterest , buyhathats

In summers many people prefer to wear light colors and also prints that are restful and muted. No doubt it looks elegant but sometimes the final look can go towards a little too subtle and rather bland. To strike a right balance you can wear a striped hat and transform your look totally in a matter of just seconds.

6. Sporty Sun Visor Hats

sun visor hats

sources: inthisveryroom , rakuten

If you want to shade your face from the Sun but you are not much of a hat person, then you can go for a sun visor hat which won’t cover your whole head and you can still style and show off your hair.

7. Cool and Casual P-Caps

Stylish p-caps for girls and boys

sources: 1 , 2 , 3

P-caps are quite fun. They give a youthful look and give hints that the person wearing them is someone lively and happy go lucky.