Vintage Style: Jackie Kennedy and The Pillbox Hat

jackie o pillbox hat
When it comes to vintage style hats, we look to fashion icon Jackie O for inspiration. Jackie Kennedy was more than a vision of sophistication in her tweed suits and fashion hats, she was also a powerful woman who inspired the public.
The former first lady is known for her sophisticated fashion taste. She loved designers like Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy. Her staple look often involved A-line dresses, boxy jackets and low heels. Her go-to accessory, aside from big, black sunglasses, is the pillbox hat.
pillbox hat jackie o
The pillbox hat is a small hat that's characterized by its flat crown and straight, upright sides. It has no brim and rests on top of the head, worn by women who are mostly affluent.
Because of the first lady's love for this hat style, it became her signature look during their reign. Many have copied this style, including Meghan Markle, who seems to be fan of Jackie O too.
While this hat style came from the past, it can still be seen in the fashion scene and can still be worn today. For a sophisticated vintage look, pair a pillbox hat with a simple dress to get that Jackie O style.