Up Your Style Game with an Embroidered Hat

hats with embroidery

Embroidery not only brings pattern to something but it also gives a texture. The same is true for a hat as well. There is a lot of difference between a hat that is simple and a hat that has some kind of embroidery over it. It is more noticeable that way and definitely more stylish. So, here are some embroidered hats you might want to take inspiration from:

1. P-Caps Embroidered with Floral Patterns

p-caps with floral embroidery

source: brwnpaperbag

When we think of spring and summer, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a flower. When the sun shines bright, everywhere we see blossoms in a cornucopia of colors. So, why not steal some of them for a hat? Mostly p-caps have solid colors or monograms. But won’t it be so cool and exciting to have a p-cap with embroidered blooms?

2. Straw Hats with Words Embroidered

Straw hats with embroidered messages

sources: pinterest , pinkparadisebeauty

If your favorite type of hat is a straw hat then why to wear just an ordinary? With a little effort you can give your straw hat a customized look that will surely turn eyes. You can embroider your hat with different things such as floss or even sequins and write messages or make patterns. Such an embroidered hat will make great gifts too as it’s not just about the affordability of such a hat. The effort and care that you will put while embellishing it will definitely win you some happy people who will cherish the hat always.

3. A Rainbow Embroidered Straw Hat

Straw hat with rainbow embroidery

source: clubcrafted

Going to do a quick DIY fashion project over the weekend? Is yes then here is an idea you will definitely want to try. Just straight stitches done closely with variating colors of embroidery floss will get you a hat ready in a very little time. Such a hat can complement almost any outfit that you will wear and will give you a cheerful and lively appearance.

4. Trendy Monogrammed P-Caps

embroidery monogram p-caps

source: etsy

Monograms are so much fun. Who wouldn’t love to wear a head topper that has an initial of his or her name? So, wearing a p-cap with a monogram will surely make you happy.

5. Bead Embroidery Sun Hats

bead embroidery sun hats

sources: etsy , enfemenino

Embroidery is of many kinds and not just limited to floss. For example these hats that have objects and patterns embroidered intricately over them with beads.

6. A Bucket Hat Design with Embroidery

embroidered bucket hats

source: aliexpress

If you want something with a hint of embroidery then a hat made with cotton fabric embroidered with a teeny-tiny pattern or an object will be surely something you would frequently want to wear.