Top 5 Headwear Trends To Try In 2018

Headwear is an important component of not only women’s, but also men’s fashion staples. When it comes to sporting a dapper look, your clothes aren’t the only element that you need to get right. Your headwear accessories also need to be on-point. Whether you like caps or not, there is a myriad of options to choose from.

Just as the way in which you wear your hair can alter your facial features, the use of headwear can have an equal effect. To ensure that your entire ensemble appears on-trend, we’ve rounded up the top 5 headwear trends of 2018. These headwear styles are fashionable enough to keep your head cool.

Trend #5 - The Furry Cap

One of the biggest headwear trends of 2018 is the colorful furry cap. Lots of fur is used in these caps giving it a lion's mane look. With so many styles, designs, and fur types to choose from, you can have a fur cap or hat for any occasion.

Fur hats are excellent for wearing on any occasion like for your weekend away ice fishing on your favorite lake. They are a must for the winter outdoor enthusiast. You won't be stopped by frigid weather while taking in the fun of ice skating. Whatever the event, you can be sure you'll be in style and toasty warm wearing a fur cap. 

Trend #4 - Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps are back in style in a big way. This cool-hat is the perfect option for guys who love to accessorize without being too flashy.

Distinctively American and undeniably stylish, newsboy hats—are also called paperboy hats. These newsboy caps are perfect for all seasons.

As newsboy caps are timeless headwear, they have always been part of men’s closet. No matter what's the season – the newsboy cap should be a part of every wardrobe thanks to its versatility!

Trend #3 - The Beret

The headwear trends of 2018 are incomplete without the beret. Inspired by the European look, the beret cap renders the perfect look for anyone in the world.

Appearing in leather as well as other materials, the beret caps serves as a hat and a statement piece both. Berets, what began as a French fashion must in the 19th Century, has made its way into cultures around the world in both the high fashion and casual attire, as well as the military scene.

Trend #2 - Brimmed Hats

Classy and lovely, the wide brim hats are generally a summer favorite. These extra floppy wide brim hats are perfect to beat the summer heat. Often, we find ourselves wanting to enjoy our time in the great outdoors on hot days. We are in need of something that will protect us from the sun rays.

With these wide brim hats, wearers are able to stay in the shade while enjoying their favorite outdoor pastime. Be it going to the beach, staying in the garden, hanging out by the pool, or taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

Featuring an extra-long brim, these hats allow the wearer to have their time in the sun while shielded. Made of straw, the hat is comfortable, breathable, and light, perfect for humid, sunny days.

The wide brim hats are also easy to throw in one’s bag if one decides to go on a spontaneous trip.

Trend #1 - Knitted Hats & Beanies

Knitted headwear is perfect for early spring as they protect from both frost and wind.

Knits on hats also seem to be in, with lots of fun designs to choose from. They are warm & stylish, while you can buy them online for your winter collection. This special style of headwear is made by knitting and high-quality cotton.

Be it Snapbacks caps, Woolen Beanies or anything else, try one of the top headwear trends of 2018. So let your headwear accessories sit snugly on your head, by having them in your wardrobe.