This Hat Lady Has Over 30,000 Baseball Hats

If you think of snapback collectors as sports-loving men who love chugging beers and playing fantasy drafts, you are dead wrong. The truth is - snapbacks are for anyone and everyone. No one else proves this statement best than hat collector Gladys Ball.

hat lady gladys ball

photo: vice

Gladys Ball does may not fit your typical profile of a sports hat collector but she definitely defies the standards. The 82-year-old New Yorker has a treasure trove of hats - most of which are sports hats, inside her suburban home.

Pro sports, vintage, college and more. Gladys' garage is filled with boxes and boxes of hats that would make any hat lover swoon. 

hat lady gladys ball

photo: vice

Because of her obsession, she has been dubbed as 'The Hat Lady' in her local area. Hat lovers of all kinds visit her home by appointment, in search of collectible pieces. With over 30,000 hats stashed in her home, you definitely will have countless of options to choose from.

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