These Bike Helmets Look Just Like Fashionable Hats

Bike helmets that mimic hats

Bored of wearing the same bike helmet over and over and need something to step up the style game? Well, you don’t have to compromise on style as you can go for a bike helmet that looks like a hat. So, for a flawless street style, you can team up a hat-like bike helmet with your outfits. Here are some designs that you might want to take a look at:

1. Straw Hat Bike Helmets

straw hat bike helmets

sources: bikepretty , coolhunting

When it comes to topping off your look with a summer headwear then a straw hat is a popular choice. Here are bike helmets that look like straw hats you can pair with a casual dress or a pair of jeans and get ready to hit the road.

2. A P-Cap Helmet Design

P-cap helmets in red and beige color

source: miminguyen

This helmet design has a sporty look. It looks like a p-cap and will give you a casual look in no time. You can either wear a color like red that packs a punch or something muted like a beige helmet.

3. A Jazzy Summer Hat Helmet

multi colored summer hat helmets

sources: road , thebicyclemuse

Usher in spring with something colorful and cheerful with a hat helmet that has multi colors. To make a winning combo, pair this helmet with an outfit that is either white or in one solid color so that the clash of colors may not create a very loud outfit assemble.

4. Newsboy Hat Printed and Colored Helmets

newsboy hat bike helmets

source: kickstarter

For adding a punctuation of color or pattern to your street style, a bike helmet in shape of a newsboy hat is definitely worth a shot.

5. Crochet Helmets for Stylish Rides

crochet hat bike helmets

sources: etsy , bikepretty

If you have got a thing for crochet then you will love to wear a hat bike helmet that is wrapped in crochet. You can either go for a helmet with fetching colors or stay in a classy palette with dark tones such as navy or black.

6. A Cute Patterned Hat Helmet for Kids

a patterned hat bike helmet for kids

sources: bundesrad , spiegel

Kids are fun loving and if you get a trouble to make them wear a bike helmet before they ride then perhaps they need a change. A cute helmet in shape of a hat like this with a pattern that appeals; your kids would ask themselves to let them wear a helmet.

We are sure you liked these chic bike helmets that look like hats. Keep coming for even more inspirational ideas.