Samantha Jones' Memorable Fashion Hats

The 'Sex and the City' franchise is remembered for a lot of its stunning fashion. But while most viewers are focused on the shoes and the designer bags, there is another fashion accessory in the show that deserves our attention - hats!
You might not have noticed it before but if you take second look, you'll realize that the show and the movies are actually full off gorgeous fashion hats. When it comes to rocking fabulous hats, Samantha Jones definitely takes the cake. With her sexy appeal and oozing confidence, Samantha easily makes any hat look trendy.
Here are just some of our favorite Samantha hat moments:
Big Straw Hat
samantha jones fashion hats
In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha watches her neighbor while eating on her balcony. She is seen wearing a navy blue dress and a straw hat. Of course, leave it to Samantha to take straw hats to the next level. Her hat is huge and fabulous!
Striped Fur Hat
samantha jones fashion hats
When Samantha had cancer, she lost her beautiful blonde hair. During the process, she tried to cover her short hair with either scarves or fashionable hats, which just elevated her style even more.
Louis Vuitton Visor
samantha jones fashion hats
The show certainly has no shortage of designer items. All the girls of the show are sporting designer labels all the time. In one scene where she is lunching with her girlfriends, Samantha is wearing a trendy monogrammed Louis Vuitton visor hat that she paired with elegant gold hoops.
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