How to Wear Stylish Hats Like a Fashionista

Hats can be a great addition to your outfit but when not styled right, it can also look like a lazy accessory. So, how do you choose a hat that can elevate your style the proper way?

We hunted the best fashionistas online to get some style inspiration. Check out these style mavens:

1. Aimee Song

aimee song bucket hat

source: instagram

Bucket hats made a huge comeback and while some people had doubts about this style, fashionistas proved that the trend was back on the spotlight. This funky style can be paired with athleisure pieces - also a hot trend right now.

2. Joan Smalls

joan smalls snapback hat

source: instagram

This pretty supermodel definitely knows how to rock a backwards hat. The black hat, along with the street-chic shoulder bag, are the perfect accessories to her casual-cool getup!

3. Olivia Culpo

olivia culpo beret hat

source: instagram

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. And when in France, wear a beret! Olivia Culpo seemed to have mastered the chic Parisian woman look, down to the accessories.

4. Afiya Bennett

afiya bennett hat

source: instagram

The pageboy hat trend can be really challenging to pull off but social media influencer Afiya Bennett totally schooled us on how to boldly wear the trend.

5. Tata Shapiro

tata shapiro black hat

source: instagram

Black dresses are a classic but when paired with an unexpected hat, they are instantly elevated! Take it from fashionista Tata, who gave her LBD a totally different look.