How to Wear Caps with Dresses

Baseball caps, sporty caps, strapbacks – whatever you want to call them, they are definitely THE staple accessory of this generation. This timeless head topper is well loved for many reasons. It is not only a practical piece, which shields the head from heat or rain, it can also be a great style statement.

Caps are commonly worn with jeans or shorts and sneakers. While this classic pairing is still the best and most popular way to wear a cap, fashionistas are now a little more experimental with their style choices. One of the trendiest ways to wear a cap today is with a dress. The contrast of the sporty cap and feminine dress makes an interesting combination that instantly updates any look.

Here are three great ways to wear a cap with a dress:


casual dress with cap

The easiest way to wear this fashionable combination is the casual look. Any casual dress, either with a solid color or patterned style, can be topped off with a baseball cap or a strapback cap. This laid back style is best finished with a pair of comfortable sneakers.


girly dress with cap

Feminine silhouettes are really attractive but can get a little boring. To add an interesting detail to this look, pair it with a strapback cap. Leather caps can instantly add edge to a girly dress. This look can be dressed up with a pair of strappy high heels or sexy pumps.


edgy dress with cap

Those who have a little more fashion bravado can try out more unconventional, edgier looks. The great thing about this style is there are no rules. You are free to mix and match non-traditional pieces or throw in unexpected details like chunky pair of wedges, black-toned jewelry or striking caps.

These three styles are just some of the most popular ways to wear caps with dresses. Of course, fashion is all about expressing your own style. Don’t be afraid to discover new ways to rock your favorite caps!

Photo source: Pinterest