How to Wear a Casual Hat with a Polished Outfit

Can you wear a casual hat with a dressy outfit? If you are a hat lover yourself, then you've probably wondered this question too. The answer is a big, resounding YES.
While this combination might seem a little intimidating at first, it is totally doable with the right pieces.Trying out a trend that you've never worn before can get awkward. But, remember, figuring out what looks best on you is all about trial and error. Here are some style tips to help you pull off this look:
1. Stick to neutral colors.
casual hat with polished clothing
photo: apetogentlemen
Snapbacks come in several interesting designs, from graphic styles to unique prints. While it may be tempting to go for the bold colors, it is best to stick to basic, neutral colors. Blacks, whites and nudes are the best shades to start with. You can experiment with crazier colors later on when you are more comfortable.
2. Wear sneakers or other casual shoes.
To downplay a polished outfit, finish the look with a pair of sneakers. Wearing casual shoes with almost any polished clothing will give it a more relaxed feel. White sneakers are a hit trend that is easy to wear with literally almost anything. 
3. Play with texture.
casual hat with dressy outfit
photo: apetogentlemen
Want to add more style to the trend? Experiment with textures like velvet or curduroy in your hats. Classic patterns like plaid or houndstooth also look really good with smart casual wear. Keep in mind that when you are wearing a patterned hat, it is best to tone down the color palette of your get up so that you do not look too flashy.
4. Add a fun element.
Finish your look with a fun element to make things more casual. This can be a light jacket or a vintage watch. Aside from the fun twist that will spice up your outfit, this can also help perk up your mood and brighten up your day.
5. Be confident.
Trying out a trend requires some courage and a little bit of fun too. Don't be afraid to mix and match while you are figuring out the best outfit and hat combinations. The perfect way to finish your look is with a confident stride. If you feel confident, it will definitely reflect on the outside and you will look a million times better!