How to Wear a Bucket Hat in 2019

Bucket hats are one of the trends that surprised everyone when it started resurfacing again. While we enjoyed the nostalgia it brought back, we were not really expecting that it would last long. We were wrong, however, because bucket hats are still going strong in 2019!

We know this trend can be really intimidating for some. You run the risk of looking outdated or a complete fool if you don't do it right. But, of course, we won't let you go out the streets without making sure you know how to wear a hat trend correctly.

If you want to try out this look, here are some tips to pull off the bucket hat trend in 2019:

1. Try it out at the beach.

bucket hat trend in 2019

photo: @emilisindlev

Not sure if you want to pair a bucket hat with your everyday casuals? Try it out on the beach first. The bucket hat + bikini look is a big trend among fashionistas and since you are at the beach anyway, no one will really care too much about what you are wearing.

2. Go for whites and neutrals.

bucket hat trend in 2019

photo: @marenschia

Any white or neutral-colored accessory is a great fashion investment because this will look good with virtually anything in your closet. Not only is it a versatile color, it can also be worn all-year-long, regardless of the season.

3. Dress it up.

bucket hat trend in 2019

photo: @marenschia

Who says bucket hats are for casual days only? This accessory can also be dressed up with the right kind of outfit. Choose a piece that has a more structured silhouette with a classic color. This can be a great topper to your favorite dress and heels combo.

4. Go for nylon.

bucket hat trend in 2019

photo: @emilisindlev

If you are finally feeling a little braver, go for nylon. This kind of fabric will totally take you back to the 90's, where the bucket hat trend started. A bolder color like blue, yellow or red will be the perfect finish to your statement look.


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