How to Properly Clean a Dirty Baseball Hat

how to clean hats

Any hat lover knows that collecting hats also mean giving them TLC. If you want to keep your hats, expensive or not, in good condition, they must be well maintained. We've gathered some tips from hat experts to help you out in this feat. 

Spot clean

For old hats that have been marred by stains, the first thing to do is spot cleaning. Use a toothbrush or a small scrubber to clean bad areas. Remove stains with treatments like OxiClean or baking soda. Gently rub stained areas and rinse with warm water. 

Soak in soapy water

After spot cleaning problematic areas, soak the hat in soapy warm water for 20-30 minutes. Wool material can be hand washed gently but if the hat has a paper-stiffened bill, it is best to do spot cleaning only, as overwetting can affect the shape of the hat.

Don't toss it in the laundry

It can get tempting to just mix it with laundry and have the machine wash your dirty, old hats but this has a high risk of ruining the shape of the hat. If you really want to use the washer, at least put the hat on a mesh bag and wash it on delicate cycle with cool water.

Air dry

Never use the machine for drying. Instead, air dry the hat to keep its shape. To make drying quicker, gently roll the hat in a thick towel before hanging it up to dry or use a hair dryer in low or cool setting to speed things up.

To make sure your hats will not suffer from too much wear and tear, proper storage is essential. Check out this article on interesting ideas to display and store your collection.