How to Pick The Color of a Hat

When it comes to wearing a hat many people hesitate because it’s a tricky decision. Choosing the right kind and color is very important and if the right choice is made, it can kick your look up a notch. We have created a guide that will help you to take a cue for picking the best color option for a hat. 

1. A Neutral Hat can Go Well With All Kinds of Outfit Colors

Beige colored hats
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Muted tones such as neutral hats can be paired up with a wide spectrum of outfits. For example, if your outfit has something dark like deep blue then the neutral shade of the hat will accentuate it pretty well. On the contrary, if you have decided to pull off an all white look, then again a neutral hat will complete the look in an elegant and sophisticated way.

2. A Pastel Hat is a Must-Have for Summer Season

Hats in pastel colors for summer
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Pastels give a cool look during summer season. And the same is true for hats. Taffy colored accessories look cute and sweet. Moreover, pastel hued hats in formal designs can be worn to wedding parties as well.

3. Dare to Pair Dark with Dark 

Hats in blue, black and red color
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    For a daring look, you can create an outfit that is with bold colors. Choose a hat color that is deep and dark along with a dress or a shirt that too is dark toned. While black can never go wrong, you can experiment with other jewel toned hats like ruby red and sapphire blue as well. You can purchase one or more hats in deep tones and you are set for spring.

    4. Match The Color of The Hat with Pants

    Hats in red, green and gray color
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    To stay safe in your color choice, you can do a simple trick. Instead of thinking for a lot of colors, simply pick a hat that matches or is in the same color family of your pants color. You can go ahead and try as daring color as burgundy to as subtle as gray.

    5. Coordinate the Tones of the Hat and Shoes

    Hats matching the color of the shoes
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      To have a little more fun, you can match the color of your hat with your shoes. And in doing so you are allowed to choose any color that you like for example even red. You just have to be careful to keep the rest of the outfit not too loud so that you don't end up with a color hotch-potch.

      5. Go for a Monochromatic Outfit 

      Hats matching the color of the outfit
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        If you want to pull off a monochromatic look then match your hat’s color with your dress or outfit. Monochromatic look works best with colors like blue, green, gray and black. Depending upon your taste you can choose different shades of these above mentioned colors. Just make sure that for a matchy-matchy look, avoid choosing too loud colors.

        6. Show Off Some Nautical Style 

        nautical striped hats

          If you want such a hat that has more than one color, then you can take a leaf out of nautical style’s book and go for stripes.