Festive Holiday Beanies to Add to Your Christmas Shopping List

holiday beanies


The best thing about the holiday season - aside from the food, drinking and merriment, is the fashion! As the temperature starts to drop and twinkling lights are set up in every street corner, there's also another holiday item that we can expect to see this season - beanies!

If you are a beanie lover, then you probably agree that this is one of the best seasons to get your collection out of the closet. Aside from that extra serving of style, beanies also look really great when paired with holiday sweaters.
Beanies come in many styles and forms but the best ones have these three key features:
  • cosy
  • festive
  • pom poms

Cosy beanies will keep your head and ears toasty during the cold weather season and these are also functional for outdoor travels. Red and other holiday colors have that festive look that will make you even more cheery for the season! And of course, the additional detail of furry pom poms is the best topper to a holiday beanie. 

Here are some of our top picks from our Kiwi Hats beanie collection that are great for the holidays!

holiday beanie
holiday beanie beige
holiday beanie
holiday beanie
bright pom pom beanies
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