Highly Functional Hats for the Outdoor Lovers

The great outdoors are among the best places to unwind and relax. In this day and age when everyone is so busy with hustling, R & R trips have also become more and more necessary. To make an outdoor trip even more complete, you need dependable accessories - like a trusty outdoor beanie to keep you company on your adventure.

There are certain factors you need to look for, if you want a dependable outdoor beanie. Here are some tips:

1. Perfect Fit

A snug fit is an important characteristic of an outdoor beanie. When you are climbing mountains or biking through rough terrains, you would need your beanie to stay on your head. Go for snug fits instead of loose-fitting beanies.

2. Weather Resistant

Extra tough beanies are specially designed to offer protection from extreme weather. Weather resistant beanies typically have an extra layer of special lining that is able to repel heat or provide extra warmth. This feature will come in handy when you are out camping or hiking. 

3. Extra Comfort

If you love hiking or camping out during cold weather season, you will definitely need beanies that have fur inner lining. This will keep you extra warm and cosy, so you can focus on just being present and in the moment.

4. Bright Color

You might think that color is not that important but this can actually be a defining item that can end up saving your life. In case you get lost in the woods, it will be easier for search parties to spot you if you have a bright, neon-colored beanie on the top of your head. So, next time, consider color too when you are shopping for outdoor hats.

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