Give Your Summer Hats A Whole New Look With These DIY Tutorials

ideas to refashion floppy summer hats

Hats become a fashion staple during summer and especially wide brim floppy hats because they shade us from the Sun pretty well. Another reason for the popularity of floppy hats is that they are not super expensive. But you can make your summer hats look unique and having edge over others by refashioning them. Using embellishments such as trims, threads, flowers and materials such as paint you can give a makeover to your hats in no time. So, customize your hats this summer in any one of the following ways:

1. Embellish the Hat with a Pom Pom Trim

hats decorated with pom pom trims

sources: ladiesvenue , dreamgreendiy

Just a yard of some leftover pom pom trim in any color that you have is all you need to turn your hat from dull to dashing. Simply use a fabric adhesive or a hot glue gun to stick the pom pom trim to the hat and get ready to show off a hat that is cute and classy.

2. Let the Hat Speak with Embroidered Words

an embroidered summer hat

source: abeautifulmess

Have you got a thing for typography? If yes then write a word or a phrase over your hat using embroidery floss or ribbon. Just trace the words with a marker and then embroider over it.

3. Paint Polka Dots

a hat painted with polka dots

source: sugarandcloth

Want something super quick and easy-peasy? With the use of just some fabric paint and a foam pouncer give your hat a polka dot pattern that will accentuate your outfits.

4. Design a Yummilicious Donut

a hat painted like a donut

source: studiodiy

Who doesn’t like yummy donuts? Give your hat a tantalizing look by painting its brim with baby pink paint to mimic the frosting of the donut. Then with a square brush and paints in multi colors create sprinkles. Such a hat will work wonders with a dress in pastel color.

5. Whip Up a Few Tassels

a hat decorated with embroidery floss tassels

source: kassyondesign

If you have some embroidery floss at home then make simple tassels from it and use them to embellish your hat. You can make tassel garlands in different color themes and then keep on changing them with your outfits. So, you will have one hat with an option to change colors.

6. Decorate with Ric Rac Trim

a ric rac embellished hat

source: sugarandcloth

Remember those ric rac trims that are a vintage thingy? They can be great to adorn your hats and get them a striped look.

7. Up the Fun Game with a Watermelon Hat

a hat painted like a watermelon

source: studiodiy

If we ask you what fruit reminds you of summer your answer will be most probably a watermelon right? So, why not give your hat the look of a watermelon. And if you find the combo of green and red too loud then replace red with pink and see the magic yourself.

8. Choose Something Classy Like Flowers

diy flower derby hats

source: ispydiy

Finally, this idea is the use of faux silk flowers for decorating hats. Just make sure to plan your bouquet to go on the hat in advance so that the end result is as beautiful as you have imaged.