Fitted or Snapbacks: Which Style Do You Like Better?

We are putting two of the coolest hat styles head to head on a hat battle. There are many popular hats out there but these two are the two most loved by hat collectors - the fitted and snapback. Which one do you like better?
While fitted and snapback hats may look similar, they have major differences. Let's take a close look and inspect the details of these cool accessories:
fitted hat
photo: new era
Fitted hats come in many different colors, sizes and styles. Some are flat billed and others have soft, curved bills. Different brands and manufacturers come up with interesting designs but the most popular ones usually feature sports teams. Their most distinguishable feature is the back, which does not have the adjustable back of the snapback. Fitted hats, as the name suggests, fit snugly on the head. Many hat enthusiasts enjoy wearing this style backwards, to show off the unique style of the hat.
two toned textured snapback
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Snapbacks are just as cool as fitted hats. They also come in a wide variety of styles for hat lovers of all kinds. In the 90's decade, fitted hats were a big trend but when the  the 2000's came, snapbacks started to steal the spotlight. One of the major advantages of this style is its adjustability feature. With just a few 'snaps on the back', you can customize its fit. This makes the hat more versatile than the fitted.
Which style do you prefer?