Dad Hats vs. Snapback Hats: Which One is Cooler?

There's an ongoing debate on which hat style is cooler right now - the snapback or the dad hat. These two trends, while can be confused as similar hats, actually have major style differences.

Which among the two do you prefer?

Snapback Hat

black snapback hat

One of the most distinguishable feature of the snapback is its flat brim. The flat brim is also pre-shaped and hard, unlike most casual hats. The closure of the snapback hat is often made from plastic and can be adjusted. In terms of design, many manufacturers and brands take their design inspiration from the streets or from hip hop culture.

snapback design

Most snapback designs feature bold colors and in-your-face graphics, which look great spread out on its wide and flat brim. 

Dad Hat

dad hat

Dad hats surprisingly became the "it" trend of the year. These vintage-styled hats were popularized by several celebrities and supermodels. Dad hats have a very simple design, usually with subtle embroidery or text print. The brim and panel is soft and rounded, unlike the snapback. Because of the trend, they can now be paired with pretty much any casual outfit - from jeans to dresses and even more polished looks.

While both of these hat styles are on trend and wearable all season long, they offer a different vibe and look. Which one do you think wins the 'cool hat' debate?