7 Cute and Comfy Crochet Hats for Kids

 crochet hat designs for kids

Handmade things are always special and unique. Because you put your effort into making them and your care is there too. Every child is precious and if you want to make something special for your child or perhaps some child around you then you can try whipping up a crochet hat. There are many wonderful patterns that you can try out depending upon the age of your little one. Crochet hats look really cute during winter season. They are also great as props for the first photo session of your kiddo. Moreover, if the design is breathable, you can even make hats for spring season when the mercury is not too high and evenings get cold sometimes. So, here are some crochet hats that you can create for your little girl or boy: 

1. A Beret Hat Stealing Its Colors from an Autumnal Palette

A yellow crochet hat with flowers

source: justbehappylife

This hat created in tam style takes its theme colors from fall season. The yellow color of the hat symbolizes the crisp fallen leaves. And the blooms over it finish its look so perfectly.

 2. A Beanie Design for Wearing with a Bun

Colorful crochet beanies with buns

source: ravelry

Cold weather doesn’t mean that your girl can’t rock her favorite bun or ponytail hairstyle. So here is a beanie idea that will allow her to make her bun hairstyle visible along with keeping her head warm. 

3. Cute Owl-dorable Hats

owl crochet hats

sources: 1, 2 , 3

Hats with characters or animals such as owl hats are something you can use as a prop for the photo shoot of your little one. You can try out different colors and make is as colorful as you like. 

4. A Crochet Sun Hat

a blue crochet summer hat  

source: christacodesign

If you keep the stitches of the crochet apart and make netting like pattern of the hat, then that can be worn during spring season. You can make it cuter with a ribbon and choose such a color of yarn that suits any of your girl’s dresses. 

5. Colored Bonnets for Newborns till Six Months

colorful crochet bonnets  

source: 1 , 2 , 3

Babies under the age of 6 months look really cute in bonnets. So you can create bonnets for your little darling in different colors matching or complementing their outfits.

 6. Colorful Flower Embellished Panama Hats

crochet flower panama hats  

source: liveinternet

These hats will surely give you an urge to start making a crochet hat because who wouldn’t love to try something so adorable?

7. Sweet Bow Crochet Hats

bow crochet baby beanies  

sources: twentysomethinggranny , rakuten

Two colors of yarn and a little bit of time and effort is all you need to create cute little bow crochet hats like these.