Cotton Beanies for Babies Style Inspiration

baby wearin a beanie
Aside from the TLC, babies need warmth, comfort and protection. It is essential to dress them not only in cute oufits but the fabrics must also be soft and gentle on skin.
One of the most important parts to protect is the head. It is important to keep the head warm especially when you are out strolling and the weather is cold.

Hats and beanies are the perfect head wear for this. But the normal hat and beanie is not going to be enough. Knitted cotton beanies are the best option for a baby.

Not only do cotton knitted beanies for babies offer the necessary protection and comfort that a little one needs, they also come in a wide variety of adorable styles. From cosy knits to themed looks, there are countless of baby beanies to choose from.
Check out some of these cute ones and get style inspiration from them:
baby wearing a beanie

baby wearing beanie

baby wearing a beanie
Which one is your fave?