Bright Beanie Style Statement to Perk Up Your Look

bright yellow beanie
Beanies do more than just provide warmth and cosiness, they are also great style statements. If you need to perk up your outfit this season, this trend is just the right thing for you.
bright beanie rihanna
image: nymag
Over the past years, we've seen a surge of bright beanies everywhere - from the streets to the runways. Just casual, knitted beanies done in ultra bright hues like neon yellows and lime greens. These colorways are certainly hard to miss!
Rihanna led the pack of trend-loving celebrities, wearing her Carhartt beanie with the coolest streetwear.
neon bright beanie trend
image: pinterest
Fashionistas also fell in love with the trend. Beanies of all bright hues are a welcome addition to any fashion week look. Like a true statement accessory, the bright beanie effortlessly stands out and punctuates a wardrobe, making it a great finishing touch to a fashion look. 
Love this trend? Here are some bright-colored beanies to make your look even more chic.
bright beanie blue
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bright beanie green
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bright beanie red
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