The History of Boater Hats

boater hat
Boater hats have long been part of our history but recently, it has made a resurgence in the modern society. It has many names including Straw Boater, Skimmer, Cady, Katie and Somer. The traditional boater is characterized by a straw design, with a ribbon around its crown. 
boater hat
In the past, this hat symbolizes status and privilege, often a choice accessory of the affluent and lovers of haute couture. It was also mostly worn by men more than women, who preferred hats that display feminine designs.
boater hat uniform
Aside from being a fashion accessory, it was also used as part of the uniform for private schools. However, when the style became mainstream, it eventually lost its exclusivity and so the schools dropped it.
These days, boater hats come in more modern renditions - with more colorful bands and non-traditional shapes. It is also no longer tied to gender, as more and more women have embraced boxy silhouettes.
boater hat
Boater hats have now become a fashionista favorite and continue to gain more popularity. It has reached a new level of acceptance, as it can be worn by anyone, regardless of class, race and gender.
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