Babe Ruth Baseball Cap Sold for Over $500,000

Babe Ruth is considered by many as one of the greatest professional American athletes of all time. The baseball player, who dominated the field during the early 1900s, is a big part of sports culture. His name is widely revered and even his old things – like his hats, are now special memorabilia that fans and collectors pay huge amounts of money for.

Babe Ruth

source: CNN

In 2012, New York Yankee player David Wells decided that he wanted to put up his Babe Ruth hat for auction. Wells is a big Babe Ruth fan and had a signed Babe Ruth hat, which he bought for $35,000. Because keeping track of all his sports memorabilia was becoming a burden, Wells sold the hat and a couple more sports items.

Signed sports hats are such a treat for hat lovers, whether you are just looking for strapback hats for sale or collectible sports hats. This was owned by not but two professional baseball players, which makes it even more special.

David Wells wearing Babe Ruth cap

source: YouTube

Being a true Yankee and Babe Ruth fan, David Wells made sure that Bambino’s hat was well taken cared of. He wore the hat during a baseball game at the Yankee stadium. The collector’s item was a navy blue cap with the New York Yankee logo on its front. Wells said he was very emotional when he wore the cap while pitching.

Babe Ruth hat

source: SCP Auctions

Because he has worn the hat during a Yankee game, it increased its value and became even memorable. The bidding, held at SCP Auctions, started at $50,000 and closed at a whopping $537,278!

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