Anatomy of a Dad Hat

Dad hats have proven that they are here to stay. Years after the trend first surfaced, more and more people including influencers and celebrities are still wearing dad hats. 
In the past, if someone referred to your clothing as "dad-like", it was meant as an insult. Nowadays, this style now has a certain badge of coolness. No longer considered awkward and outdated but trendy and cool.
What makes the dad hat so cool anyway? Let's take a closer look at the anatomy of a dad hat:
anatomy of a dad hat
Not all hats can be considered a dad hat. There are certain factors that make a dad hat. These include:
  • cotton fabric - lightweight material like cotton makes the hat breathable and easy to wear
  • 5 or 6 panels - it can come in 5 or 6 panels, depending on the style
  • unstructured crown - while snapbacks have a stiff crown, dad hats are designed to have an unstructured crown, so that it will look more laid back
  • curved brim - the brim is curved like a classic baseball cap
  • embroidered logo - this detail is not present in all dad hats but the best ones always have a quirky embroidery displayed

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