7 Ways to Wear a Straw Hat

straw hats to wear at the beach

Whether you have to hit the beach or attend a casual brunch over the weekend with friends - If you want to finish the look of your outfit with a hat then how about a straw hat? It brings a very fun and tropical like feel to any outfit quite effortlessly. And mostly worn in traditional washed wood color, it can set well with almost any kind or color of outfit.

1. Create an Combo of a Maxi Dress and a Straw Hat

straw hats with maxi dresses Image via: couturezilla , aliexpress

A maxi dress becomes a fashion staple as soon as the mercury rises. So either you own a plain or a printed maxi dress, no matter what tones it has, just wear a straw hat with it that will shade you from the Sun and let you create a style statement like a fashionista.

2. Layer a Straw Hat Over a Crisp White Dress or Outfit

straw hats with white colored outfits

Image via: the locus of style , couturezilla

If you are one of those who have got a thing for white dresses and outfits, then a straw hat can be a perfect choice as headwear. Because of the muted color of a traditional straw hat, the elegance of white will stay original and uninterrupted.

3. Team Up The Straw Hat with Timeless Stripes

straw hats with striped outfits

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Stripes and straw go really well together. If you want to create some coordination between the stripes and the hat then a band of fabric around the hat in the color of the stripes would be a perfect match.

4. Be Fearless and Try It Out with Bold Prints

Bold prints and straw hats

Image via: sapphire diaries , lookastic

Bold and vibrant prints look really cool during warm weather. So, give them even more definition with a straw hat. You can play with more colors of a straw hat too.  

5. You can Also Re-fashion a Straw Hat to Match or Complement Your Outfits

DIY straw hat makeovers

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If you have a straw hat that is lying in some dark corner of your closet because you find it too boring then take it out and give it a makeover. You can embellish it with different things such as ribbons, pom poms or embroidery.  

6. Pair Up the Texture of Straw with Denim

straw hats with denim

Image via: lookastic , what olivia did , famous outfits

For a perfect beach or pool party outfit you can create a merge of straw with denim. Both materials when combined together will give out a very youthful vibe.

7. Be Casual and Easy with a Straw Hat and a Jumpsuit Combo

straw hat and jumpsuit outfit ideas

Image via : jannadoan , the dash of darling , the dash of darling

A jumpsuit or a romper depending upon its fabric kind can be worn to different places such as beach, Sunday brunch, coffee with friends and so on so forth. So, a straw hat can be a wonderful companion for such an outfit paired with some summer sandals.