5 Ways to Style Up Your Look with Caps

Man holding his cap styling his outfit

Many believe that the days of caps & hats are over. We completely disagree with this and believe that the era of caps is back. It’s such an interesting piece of style that’s been worn by many iconic gentlemen over the years. Nothing elevates an outfit quite like the right cap.

Caps have been one of the most versatile and trendy men's accessories through the ages. One has seen the evolution of men's fashion styles with a huge change over the years. The same can be said about head wear or caps.

Today, the celebrities across the globe are spotted wearing varied style caps & they have taken this trend ahead with some funky, eclectic designs. While it serves an important need to protecting one's head from adverse weather conditions like the sun or the cold, it is definitely one of the leading picks under men's personality defining accessories. Picking the right cap for that perfect dapper look can be bit distressing sometimes because you can't afford to look awful by selecting the cap that doesn't suits your face cut.

Aside from the sun protection, wearing beanies in cold weather; caps are helpful in many ways. If you want to stand out in a crowd, wear something that is not worn by many. You don’t need to always conform to what is trendy and popular. Build up your own style and let others follow suit.

With lot more styles to choose from, here we bring you a brief line-up of tips for getting that sexy look with caps.

Keep it Simple

Many of us feel a bit silly in wearing a cap. The feeling of self-consciousness and unfamiliarity results in guys wearing awful caps. Yet, if you actually want to look good while wearing a cap, stick to these basic styles:

It’s also important to keep seasons in mind when choosing a cap to avoid looking completely out of place. For instance, only wear wool hats or heavy-knitted beanies—during autumn and winter.

Know your face structure

As is the case with most fashion accessories, it is important to match the physical structure. In the case of head wear too, look out your face shape before freezing on one that is perfectly suited for you. For instance, the round cap will make your already round face look even more round. Whereas, a tall cap will make your already long face even look longer; so it’s important to know your face shape.

Do not follow the trends blindly

Movie actors, rock stars, models, rappers etc. are seen wearing a mélange of different kinds of caps. It does not mean that blindly copying the in thing can guarantee a successful look for you. You need to ensure that what you are picking will do you justice with your specific looks, face cut and style.

Keep your unique personality in mind

Boy wearing red and white t-shirt being playful with a hat on his headExpress your unique personality by sporting a cap that will complement your style. As is the case in picking clothes or shoes, your own unique look and approach to style, matters. Simply put, the key to looking good while wearing a cap is choosing one that goes well with your personality.


Buying a good quality accessory goes a long way in ensuring that you get durability that you can rely on. Online caps store like KiwiHats.com, brings you the latest collection of caps & beanies. So look out for these online head wear websites and choose your style.

Whether one decides to wear a cap to cover a bald or to add an edge to your style - the resurgence in popularity of caps is a wonderful thing. It's a great way to improve a dull wardrobe with a new accessory. This will attract many remarks and, compliments on your daring new look.

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Don’t wait anymore. Simple put a cap and let people drool over your swanky style.