5 DIY Ideas to Display Your Hat Collection

If you are a hat lover, then you've probably accumulated a good number of hats. And like any hat addict, we're sure you want to keep those babies up for display. Seeing your beloved hat collection well organised is everything a hat lover wants. So, here are some super cool hat rack ideas that you can do yourself:

1. Baseball Bat Rack

baseball bat

source: decorlove

This baseball hat rack is perfect for sports enthusiasts. If you have baseball bats lying around the home, you don't even have to buy one. Saw half of the bat so that it can be glued or drilled flat on the wall. Drill pegs into the bat and hang your favorite caps for display!

2. Ruler Hat and Coat Rack

ruler rack

source: thayray

This idea is not just unique, it is also extremely cheap to do. Line up several wooden rulers and secure pegs or hooks. This can also double as a coat hanger and will be a great wall decor on the entryway.

3. Branch Rack

branch rack

source: helloscarletblog

This one is a cheap and easy project that literally anyone can do. Pick out a tree branch and paint it. We suggest a chic white, like the one pictured above. And then, drill and hang on the wall! This works best with a contrasting wall color.

4. Dinosaur Rack for Kids

dinosaur rack

source: crazycozads

Great for kids rooms! This fun rack uses dinosaur toys as hooks. Paint thin poplar strips with bright colors and attach plastic dinosaurs on the strip. The dino toys should be cut in half so they can be securely glued on the wood strip. 

5. Bamboo Hat Stand

hat stand

source: froy

We love the simple and clean look of this hat stand. If you don't want to mount your hat rack on the wall, a hat stand is a great alternative. This one is crafted from wood dowels tied with leather straps. A chic and easy way to display your hats and also adds aesthetic appeal to any space.