5 Signs You're Obsessed With Hats

Some people obsess over shoes, bags or other trinkets. Hat lovers on the other hand, can take their collections to a whole new level of obsession. If you love hats as much as we do, then you will relate to our list below.
Here are 5 signs that you are clearly addicted to hats:
1. Your house has hats everywhere.
hat display on wall
A common sign of hat obsession is hat displays inside homes. Some hat collectors spend hundreds of dollars for custom cabinets to make sure their best hats are protected. Others also use their hats as wall decorations to add an interesting twist to their spaces.
2. You take a hat with you everywhere you go.
hat inside car
Hats are considered as your go-to accessory and you don't go out without one stashed somewhere. You make sure that you have one or two hats handy wherever you go, rain or shine. 
3. You follow hat brands and pages on social media.
phone cap
You like to stay updated with the latest news, trends and posts about hats and everything hat-related, so you follow all the best hat and fashion accounts on social media.
4. You know the best places to shop for hats.
shopping bags
Being the hat lover that you are, you know where to shop for the best buys and collectible pieces. Even the hard-to-find and rare pieces will not escape your eyes!
5. Your hats get VIP treatment at home.
closet hat
Your hats have a special place in your home and you make sure they get the VIP treatment that they deserve. You probably have a custom made glass display closet to show off your best pieces too!