5 Most Popular Hat Styles of Today

Hats have been around for a long time. They were used as a tool to protect the head and face but now hats are mostly used to accessorize an outfit. Now adapted as a staple piece of the modern wardrobe, hats have gone through major style upgrades. 

We have seen a resurgence of hats in the past few years. From classic silhouettes to couture pieces, hats have taken over the runway and streets. 

Here are 5 of the most popular hat styles today:

1. Baseball Caps

Kate Upton in baseball cap

source: Instagram

Baseball caps are probably the most popular kind of hat today. They come in various designs, featuring team logos, brand logos, pop culture prints and more. Because of their easy to wear style, baseball caps are a favorite of many, including sports enthusiasts.

2. Beanies


source: Kiwi Hats

Typically knitted and made with thermal fabric, beanies are perfect for cold weather. Aside from effectively providing that extra warmth and comfort you need, beanies also add major style points to any casual outfit.

3. Fedoras

Bruno Mars in a fedora hat

source: Instagram

Originating in the 1880s from a play with a character named Fedora Romanoff. The fedora hat was first marketed as a women's hat but is now for all sexes. With a sleek style, fedoras can add a hint of vintage touch to dressy ensembles.

4. Sunhats


With wide brims and a looser fit, sunhats are designed to shield the face from the harmful rays of the sun. This is a really popular choice for fashion-loving women, often used during chic beach vacations.

5. Pageboy Hats

pageboy hat

Newsboy caps took the world of fashion by surprise when they started becoming a big hit among fashionistas. It has many nicknames including pageboy cap, flat cap or baker boy cap. It is characterized by its round body and short flat brim. This was originally a style for men but today, women have embraced it in their wardrobe.