5 Fashionable Knitted Beanies for Girls

Sometimes, cold weather can be such a drab. Not only are you freezing your ears off, you also are forced to wear layers of clothing to protect yourself from the weather. 

The problem is - a lot of winter clothes can look too boring, lacking that hint of fun and personality that makes a getup interesting. To fix this fashion mishap, one of the simplest things you can do is to accessorize with a stylish hat. The right kind of headwear can effectively turn a winter getup from drab to fab!

Here are 5 super stylish knitted beanies to cap off your winter wardrobes:

1. For Ponytail Lovers

horsetail beanie

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The horsetail-styled beanie is the perfect accessory for girls who just love being in a ponytail. With a hole strategically placed in the ponytail spot, you will no longer have to fuss over unruly hair.

2. Cool and Baggy

baggy oversized ski cap

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Sometimes, the most fashionable thing you can do is to not try too hard. The off-duty laid-back look is such a hot trend, that's also very easy to pull off. All you need is a basic wardrobe and oversized beanies!

3. Puffy Pompoms

strict beanie

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We like a little bit of fluff in our winter wear because it is not only cute, it is also necessary. Pompoms on thickly knitted beanies will ensure that your head will be treated with the cosiest kind of protection when temperature drops.

4. Cable Knit

cable knit

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Nothing says chic than a neutral colored cable knit beanie. It is easy to pair with pretty much anything in your closet, from summer outfits to winter wear.

5. Two Toned Pompoms

two toned pompom beanie

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How about a double layer of color for more fun? Two toned beanies add extra style points to your wardrobe, thanks to their not-so-basic design and colorway. This one is even better, because it is topped with an adorable fluffy pompom detail!