3 Fashionable Hats to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

When styled correctly, hats can be the ultimate accessory to cap off an outfit. If you want something that does more than protect you from heat or hide unkempt hair, go for pieces that have a little more pizzazz.
Here are 3 stylish pieces you can use to upgrade your wardrobe!
1. French Wool Beret
Nothing is more chic than a French beret. It not only exudes glamour and an artsy vibe, berets can also be easily paired with casual outfits. We love it with cigarette pants and a pair of dark sunglasses for that fashionable Parisian look.
french beret hat
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2. Vegan Leather Beret
Take your beret love a step further with a faux leather beret. This is perfect if you want something more bold. A leather look adds a hint of ruggedness and texture to your look. You can easily achieve this style, minus the social effects, with this vegan leather beret.
vegan beret
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3. Holographic Hat
For a fresh and trendy look, you might want to experiment with modern finishes and luminous colors. This holographic hat will easily turn boring getups into Instagram-worthy outfits. 
holographic hat
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