10 Hat-Wearing Guidelines to Follow

Hats are great accessories. They come in many different styles for anyone and everyone. While you are free to wear the hat of your choice, there are certain guidelines or etiquette on HOW to wear hats properly. We are not talking about how to style them with your outfit. We mean the manners one must keep in mind when wearing a hat!

Read on below and find out!

proper hat etiquette

Here are 10 guidelines to keep in mind:

  • It is courteous to remove your hat when you are a guest in someone's home. 
  • Do not wear a hat inside the church or at the theater.
  • Take off your hat when you are inside the cinema, as it blocks the view of those behind you.
  • Take off the hat when you are in the presence of a lady.
  • When being introduced, take off your hat or slightly lift it off the head. Accompany this polite gesture with a smile.
  • If you do not want to remove your hat during introduction, you can also grab the brim and pull it down slightly with a nod, cowboy style.
  • When removing a hat, especially a fedora, hold it in on its outer part and in such a way that the inner lining is not visible.
  • Take off your hat at the dinner table.
  • Remove the hat when the national anthem is being played.
  • Do not wear a hat in the workplace, unless it is part of a uniform.